Tumblr Flattens Out – Where Do They Go?

Source: Forbes

Last May Tumblr reached an audience of 47.49 million users on desktop and mobile (ComScore). The odd thing is that it has only exceeded that level once since then, and that was for a brief period in July. There is some debate as to how accurate the ComScore  measurement is, as spokespeople for Tumblr claim it does not include in-app traffic (and that would be the mobile app).

However, GlobalWebIndex surveyed 170,000 internet users and found a similar pattern. So something is happening to make Tumblr’s growth stall. One possibility is the loss of its uniqueness in the face of instant messaging app usage, and the growth of viral content sites like Buzzfeed.

Meanwhile, that hasn’t stop revenue growth, as brands are using the platform to advertise, and that revenue growth is comparable to competitors such as Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. (Adobe)

Source: Adobe.com

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Sacramento Kings “Social Media – Big Data Tech Machine”

big dataVivek Ranadive, a tech executive who made his mark on Wall Street with technology that helped consolidate financial information, is the new owner of the NBA franchise Sacramento Kings.

What’s interesting about this is how he plans to use social media and big data to dramatically grow the fan base as well as improve the performance of the team.

For fan engagement, he has created an app for the team that includes a social media network specific to Sacramento fans. It awards fans points for interacting with the team, feeding the “loyalty science” Ranadive plans to inject into every aspect of social media technology around the franchise.

“We are the only people to have actually created the science of understanding what it takes to provide the right psychological experience,” he says. “We know the action to take to convert sentiment into intention and then intention into action. That’s key to turning customers into fans.”  Vivek Ranadive, Forbes.com

As well, fans are recognized whenever they enter Sleep Train Arena and are offered up beer, accessories, and where the shortest lineups for the washrooms are. Using the data from all this interaction will allow his executives the opportunity to sift through preferences to create the “ultimate fan experience”.

As well, as the minority owner of another team in 2010, Ranadive was able to extend the fan base beyond the people in the stands, to over 500,000 fans in 3,000 cities worldwide. Ranadive plans to do the same thing for the Kings, only with a larger goal, making the team a global brand much like the Chicago Bulls. He sees India as a great growth opportunity and has created a website translated into Hindi to help capture that market.

For the players and the team, Ranadive plans to use pattern recognition technologies to identify patterns on the court, what combinations of players produce the best results, and what the trajectory of the ball should be, among other things. It’s a big data approach for a team that has not had good performance, in spite of the rabid fans who consistently break Guinness world records for crowd noise.

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What Have Digital Marketers Got To Worry About?

Adobe released a report this past fall that talks about what marketers, in both successful and not-so successful companies, are staying up and worrying about. What is interesting is the consistency across various groups in the marketing departments. The following positions were surveyed and compared: marketers, marketing staff, marketing decision makers, digital marketers, and marketing generalists.

Over 70% of them believe marketing has changed more in the last 2 years than in the last 50!

They all agree that marketing has value and that value can me measured. And for most companies, digital marketing approaches are all in a constant cycle of trial and error.

Source: Adobe

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Pinterest Powers Past Facebook – Sharing Powerhouse

Q3 Consumer Sharing Trends Reports, Sharethis.com

Sharethis.com has released a report that shows Pinterest with a slight lead over Facebook when it comes to sharing content among users. Makes sense when you consider how much Pinterest feeds ecommerce sites and product purchases more than any other social platform. Email plunges by 11% in sharing activity.




Source for the full report - Q4 2013 Consumer Sharing Trends Report: Sharethis.com

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Social Apps Usage – Who’s the Biggest?

BWI Social Media
BWI Social Quarterly Report on Global Social Network Usage

Facebook still rules the Social Apps roost with the most usage on mobile phones and tablets, while YouTube and Google+ are not far behind. Twitter is drafting WhatsApp, with Skype and Instagram following up.

As far as growth goes: WeChat users rose by 379%, Vine 105%, Snapchat  54%, and WhatsApp 35%. Social activity on mobile shows that mobile users are more active than their brethren on PCs and laptops.

Also in the report: the high rate of adoption of all the social platforms in emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.


Source: GWI Social

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GWI Social Media: Facebook Loses, Instagram Gains

Social Platforms
GWI Social

The new GWI Social Media report shows Facebook has a decline of 3% in active users in the second half of 2013, while Instagram has a 23% increase in active users (and note both are owned by Facebook). Keep in mind that Facebook is still the number one social network with the most account ownership (83%) and the most active usage (49%) of all its peers.

Source: GWI Social

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Social Media Integration: Pinterest Most Influential

social media integration

With people spending more and more time online shopping (see link to the 8th Bridge report below) the importance of social media integration rises, and it looks like Pinterest has the lead when it comes to ecommerce sites choosing which sharing buttons to feature. Social platforms drive sales by directing consumers from the social site to the product page, where the purchase is made.

Some brands tried driving purchasing inside Facebook, and they’ve changed tactics because that did not work out too well. Facebook is used primarily to engage fans and have them click through to the commerce site of the brand instead, as this produces more results.

Also interesting to note that some brands have a large following on social sites like Vine, even though they have not started to publish content there – stars denote brands that are sans content!

social media integration
Source: Social Commerce IQ: Retail 2013

Research by 8thBridge.com. The  Social Commerce IQ: Retail 2013 report can be downloaded here: www.8thBridge.com/socialcommerceiq/


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Texting Fades, Instant Messaging Explodes

Sending text through SMS (standard messaging service) is declining, an event that will impact the billions of dollars mobile operators charge for customers who use the service. Rising in its place is instant messaging, something you do with an app like WhatsApp and Snapchat. Other examples of instant messaging are Blackberry BBM, Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WeChat in China.

Users are turning away from SMS not only because it is expensive, but also because instant messaging apps allow them to communicate to several people simultaneously, use coloured icons, and send photos and videos. To put this in perspective, Deloitte predicts 18 trillion instant messages will be sent through instant messaging apps over the next 12 months, compared to 21 billion text messages sent through SMS.

Instant Messaging

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Social Media Listening: 40% Of The World

According to this Infographic by Saxum, 40% of the world is online at some point during the day, messing around in social media of some sort or another! If you use social media listening tools, this is a big number to get your mind around.

This chart breaks it all down, and makes the distinction between active users and total users. As an example, of the 554 million users on Twitter, only 1.7% are ‘active’.

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