Finding The Best Hashtag Tracker

There are plenty of hashtag tracker tools to choose from, and many have a free option you can take advantage of.  Here are some of the top apps with summaries from various reviewers:


Emplify gives you the resources to pitch prospective clients, and you only pay after you win the account. It comes with Twitter and Instagram tracking, real-time data, white label PDF reports, sentiment analysis, influencer analysis, and engagement analysis (and it’s our solution).


Aurora Meyer has a great review of this product that tracks hashtags in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can see keywords, hashtags, and URLs. Her summary on PRBreakfastClub:

“In all, for a general constant monitoring of keywords and hashtags relevant to you that come with great graphs and more details than most other moderately priced services, is a great option, especially for organizations who want to focus more on conversation and engagement than reach or eyeballs and impressions. As a bonus, Keyhole tracks can be shared with colleagues directly, in case they’re interested in tracking conversations while the event/bill is happening. Just share the URL and they won’t have to login to see the data updating in real-time.
Cons: If you forget to start tracking the hashtag (or turn it back on) you lose data. Only tracks 30 days worth of information.” –


Anthony Stretten has a review of Hashtracking, a tool that lets you track hashtags on Twitter. His report on summarizes the offering:

“Pros - Hashtracking offers an all round service with a good look for the analytics. Positively, you can also track hashtags for up to 30 days.
Cons - Pricing for 3 hashtags is $29 a month for personal use. I would argue that this is too small for personal use and people need at least 5-10 hashtags per account. There were also a few bugs while I was using it which became quite frustrating.” –


RebelMouse finds hashtag conversations that are occurring in social media, and also has an integration with Google Analytics, RSS feeds, and content moderation.  RebelMouse can be embedded on a website to reflect the social proof your brand is getting from social media. The socialmediaexaminer has a great writeup by  on the platform here:

“Burger King’s #SATISFRIED campaign used RebelMouse to pull hashtagged Instagram photos into their website and show off how fans were being satisfried.

burger king rebel mouse page

RebelMouse embedded on the Burger King website.

Having people share the hashtag provided social proof for friends of friends and helped Burger King reach a wider audience.” –


Hashtagify is popular because of its visualization features. Richard Sunley at describes it here:

Sometimes when you’re trying to think of hashtags to use to promote campaigns or products you want to know how different hashtags are linked. Hashtagify shows you the different links between certain hashtags and allows you to see how closely linked and how popular they are. You can also see a selection of posts using a certain hashtag and the top influencers.  Of course you can access more features if you subscribe but the free tool gives you plenty to get started.” -




Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire