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How Hashtag Analytics Can Help You Land Clients

Competitive advantages come from having an edge, and that is where Hashtag Analytics come in. By using a good social listening tool, you can obtain insider knowledge about trends and the people who are influencing the conversation. This is the type of information that helps agencies to win new clients.

For example, Rafael Rositsan of the Bluedoor Agency says:

 “Right out of the gate, Emplify enabled us to create 100 tracks, show prospects what was happening with their brand using the PDF reports function, and win business for our social media agency!”

Share a Tracked Keyword, Hashtag or Brand Name

  • Going to a convention or event? Get the program of all the attendees or vendors. Do some hashtag and keyword research on their brand name, industry buzzwords, or consumer conversations. Create a PDF report for each, and approach them with this valuable industry information that shows what is being said about their product or service, or compares what them to what the competition is doing.
  • Doing some prospecting by email? A good social media listening tool will allow you to share a track of social media feeds showing all the activity around a certain keyword, hashtag or brand name. Set up some monitoring inside the social listening tool and then email the shared track to prospects. This gives prospects an overview of the conversation – and the incentive to get some help if they need it.
  • Create a track on the fly. Now and then you meet that potential client informally like at a party or other social event. Create a track on the fly that shows them what is happening around their brand, and offer to share it with them. Tell them you can track that hashtag or keyword over time to see what the trend is and keep them informed.
  • Show off your “Big Data”. Use a robust listening tool that can deliver large amounts of data for you to analyze and study. Clients are more convinced when they see that you are playing with large volumes  – implying you have the technology and know-how to handle major accounts.

Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire