Social Media Management – Have Business Goals

Facebook is building a data centre in Sweden that is the size of 11 football fields. It already has 2 other data centres almost as big, in the U.S.  The question is, how can you benefit from all the data that is available from measuring social media activity? Here are some examples.

Social Media Management Business Goals - Facebook Data Center

Business goal: put prospects through your sales funnel.

Method: Measure how many people have come into your stores from a specific social media campaign.

Business goal: brand awareness.

Method: Measure how far your reach has been, how viral a brand campaign is, and how many likes and shares it generated.

Business goal: increasing customer satisfaction.

Method: Listen to social media for comments and complaints, respond to concerns, and measure satisfaction levels in the process

Business goal: getting the message out.

Method: Push the messaging through social media channels, measure how many times it has been shared and engaged with.

Business goal: traffic.

Method: Research keywords to see where the demand is, match content to those keywords, measure clicks to your site and the engagement of relevant content.

Business goal: zero cost forecasting.

Method: Examine weak signals for possible trends. Whereas in the past an organization might have relied on historical data, it’s possible to monitor trends in real time and discover growth areas before they manifest.

Business goal: distinct financial and non-financial outcomes.

Method: Proving that a percentage of visitors to your traffic to a social media channel bought something (sales as opposed to likes or follows).