The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Analytics

Now that Instagram analytics and Instagram hashtag tracking is becoming more popular, we thought it would be a good idea to write about the type of insights you can get from monitoring one of the most popular social media platforms on the planet (for a list of tools go to our blog post here).

See Total Instagram Messages and the Number of Unique Authors
The total number of Instagram messages in a given time period can be determined, as well as the number of unique authors who created the messages. This gives you an idea of the vitality of a particular hashtag or keyword topic: fewer unique authors may mean the people creating the messages are more influential and have a large reach.

Monitoring Messages Per Hour
The number of messages per hour gives you an idea of the velocity or volume that a topic in Instagram has. A number that’s off the charts means it’s hot, hot, hot!

How many times are users interacting and engaging with the topic? This is another indication of how important and viral the topic is.

Top Followers
The top influencers who are following the hashtag or keyword. This information could be used to create a campaign that would engage people who have a wider social reach, or help a brand reach out to people who are “ambassadors” of their brand.

Are users perceiving the message or image as positive or negative? Sentiment gives a quick snapshot of how favourable a topic is with an audience. It may also indicate customer dissatisfaction or “social proof”.

Message Type
Another viral indicator. How are messages created? Are the messages original, or are a large portion of them shared? More sharing might indicate more novelty, whereas more original messages could mean more participation.

Volume Over Time
What are the anomalies over time? Instagram messages may peak on certain days or fall off during business hours. Sentiment over time lets you determine when messages are most positive or negative.

Top Hashtags
Top hashtags indicate what hashtags you should use to target users, especially if they have a high popularity or high positive rating. Hashtag clouds give more information about the terms used around the topic and also highlights their importance relative to each other.

Top Influencer
Who the major influencers of the topic are users who can make the biggest impact in affecting the overall tone of the messages. Influencers can be ranked by users with the highest number of followers, or users with most authorship on the messages.

What are the most impactful messages? Instagram messages panels (in real time) show the latest Instagram pictures and messages with hashtags and then filters them by recency, which messages were shared the most, and which messages are most favorited. A great way to see exactly what is going on and see what people are posting and engaging with as it happens!


Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire