TrendMicro’s Missed Opportunity in Controlling a Social Media Storm

Is your brand prepared for a social media storm? Yesterday, a serious security exploit with TrendMicro’s antivirus was unearthed by Google Security Research. Twitter, of course, reacted quickly and created a social media storm for the antivirus firm.

emplify-trendmicro-timelineHow did @trendmicro handle it? Well, they pretended that it never happened!


By not actively engaging and controlling the situation, @trendmicro easily allowed their reputation to corrode. To be fair, the disclosed vulnerability has already been fixed by TrendMicro. Although the original implementation was “shockingly insecure”, TrendMicro did acknowledge the problem swiftly and released a fix within 5 days of reporting (yesterday’s report was only disclosed after the patch was released). So while TrendMicro is to be blamed for its lack of security practice, credit is due to its product team for quickly patching the issue.

Unfortunately, TrendMicro sat quiet on the social media front and missed its opportunity in controlling the situation. Rumors and made-up stories soon spread like wildfire on Twitter leading users to believe that their antivirus was insecure and uninstalling it would be the fix.

Monitoring @trendmicro on Emplify we can easily see that just the top 4 authors have over a million potential reach combined! If @trendmicro had just focused on the top 10 authors, a lot of damage control could have been done.


It’s an unfortunate incident for TrendMicro but a good reminder for all of us that social media storms can hit you anytime. How are you preparing your brand for a social media storm like this? Let us know in the comments.